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Below are pictures and biographies of some of the vendors that will appear at the Blue Moon Psychic Fair & Holistic Expo  

chiro accupuncture

Chiro & Acupuncture, Inc.



Alla Bardov, National Marketing Director, Nerium International
Mobile: 214-244-2304

Nerium International is a global leader delivering first-of-its-kind health, wellness & beauty natural products to help maintain Youth and solve the Age-Defying Equation.

VK Cobb 
Revealing Serendipity

      I was born in Dallas, Texas in 1944.  When I was  young, in addition to my psychic ability, I was extremely fortunate to work with several of the wealthiest individuals in the world.  I have over 40 years of legal experience, and top security clearances.  I am an entrepreneur and have built a number of successful businesses.  In the 90s, I was the sole owner-operator of a multi-million dollar business I started from the ground up.  I sold this business in 1999.   Since then, I have been semi-retired, just doing the things I enjoy.  I still deal in antiques, fine costume jewelry, high-end gifts, and accessories.  And, most importantly, I use my psychic ability to spread joy, happiness, love and abundance throughout the universe.   Please visit Revealing Serendipity's reader/vendor table  while you are at the Blue Moon psychic fair

Robin Jesseman Studio

Art that warms your heart and soothes your soul

Contact: 469-441-7189

      For most of my life I have wanted to be an artist but did not think I had any artistic talent because I can not draw worth a darn, then one day I realized that all of the art hanging in my house was abstract, no drawing talent needed here. At this point in my journey, painting is a very important part of my life, of who I am. For me, it’s not whether I want to paint or not, I am compelled to paint, it’s what I love.

billie lyde

Billie Lyde - Professional Massage Therapist (B.A., L.M.T., M.T.I)

      Billie has been a massage therapist in chiropractic physicalmedicine offices, hospitals and spas since 1995. She is an expert in all the modalities of holistic practices such as clinical aromatherapy, Swedish, deep tissue, manual lymphatic drainage massage (vodder certified), acupressure, foot reflexology and re natal massage. She gives 30-minute sessions at the fair.

picture of ken

Kenneth Orr

Diane Orr


      Ken has given holistic healing and therapeutic sessions to many thousands of people for over 25 years.  At the core of the healing work is his highly intuitive ability to “read” people as multidimensional human and spiritual beings.  He scope of his work stretches from Body, Chi Energy and Intuitive Readings to identifying areas of imbalance and disharmony.  He works closely with clients to develop or expand their wellness strategies and commitment to wholeness.

      Diane is a profoundly gifted natural healer with a gently caring nature.  She combines almost 20 years of experience in massage and healing arts with her soft healing energies and quiet intuitive nature.  Her clientele is diverse, consisting of those who are vibrant and healthy; people with special needs and disabilities; struggling with chronic or pain management issues; experiencing serious health problems, recovering from surgery, injury and illness; managing pregnancy and other conditions.

ultra set

Troy Thomasson


We have Zilis Full Spectrum Water Soluble Hemp Oil and Full Spectrum Water Soluble Hemp Oil Boosters see more at, Pink Zebra Soy base Fragrance Sprinkles you can use in a simmer pot or make candles with. see more at and Xtreme Green Vehicle wellness products, the eco-friendly car care products that will protect your engine, increase your gas mileage and keep your vehicle clean and the paint protected. see more at


picture of shanna tippit
Shanna Tippit

      I started doing quartz crystal jewelry wraps as just a creative past time and then decided to start my own business in February 2016 to do my work full time. My work contains a variety of quartz crystals, stones, and semi-precious gems. My angels are always guiding me to how to do my work and what materials to work with. This is how I started making my “meditation/prayer” sets. I use these myself and can vouch for the high energy they emanate along with helping one to achieve what they need during their mediation.  All of my pieces are handmade and can have reiki energy added to them if you wish as I am a reiki master too. I can do special orders that are tailor made just for you and your energy. I named my business Gypsy Angel Creations because my creations have the mystical feel of the gypsy, the guidance of the angels and creations represents anything I can create and give to the world. My work is used as a means to teach people about the energy of these natural stones too. With any piece I make your receive a card with the energy of the stones used along with its associated chakra. Along with the jewelry I carry a variety of loose stones and crystal clusters.


Handmade Amethyst and Green Tiger Eye Stretch Bracelet~Raise Your Vibration


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